Parent Coaching Program

100 Black Men of Augusta, Inc.

Parent Coaching Program

Welcome to the Parent Coaching Program of the 100 Black Men of Augusta, Inc.! We recognize the critical role that parents play in their children’s academic and personal development, and our program is dedicated to providing support, guidance, and resources to empower parents in their journey as caregivers and advocates. Through monthly sessions held every 4th Saturday during our Saturday Academy, facilitated by a licensed parent coach, we offer valuable training and methods to address the challenges and concerns parents may face in raising and nurturing their children.

Program Overview

The Parent Coaching Program is a vital component of our commitment to holistic support for students and families. Designed to complement our mentoring and educational initiatives, this program equips parents with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of parenting and support their children’s success.

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The Parent Coaching Program is open to all parents who are seeking support and guidance in their journey as caregivers and advocates for their children. Whether you’re facing challenges with communication, discipline, academics, or other parenting issues, our program offers a safe and supportive space for learning and growth. Join us every 4th Saturday as we come together to empower parents and strengthen families.

At 100 Black Men of Augusta, Inc., we are committed to supporting parents as partners in their children’s success through transformative coaching and education. Join us and become part of a community dedicated to empowering families in Augusta!